We Do Community. 

Juniper helps you plan, launch, build and grow your digital community. Your business gets deep, collaborative value; your members get a place of their own to learn, share and engage. It's a win-win. 

Our Services


Set your community up for success. Whether you are just getting started, or it's time for a reboot, we can help you strategize for the future.


Choosing a community tool is challenging, and moving to a new one might be even more so. We can help make sure your launch or migration has the support it needs. 


Engagement is the name of the game we play. Create opportunities for your members to collaborate, define a streamlined management process and help your members get  deep value.  


Take your community work to the next level. From advocacy programs to indisputable data models, we can help your success curve continue to rise. 


About Us

Juniper is a consulting firm specializing in online community development. We work with organizations that want to create a collaborative space for their customers, employees or partners. We believe in building relationships before campaigns and creating connections over clicks. 


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