About Juniper

Juniper is a consulting firm that believes online communities are the future of digital business. We partner with you to craft a people-first approach.

Our Story

Did you know the Juniper is the most common conifer in North America?


These trees, just like communities, are vital for us to survive and thrive. While both are pervasive in our lives, we often take their presence and value for granted.


Juniper's mission is the nurture, grow and mature essential communities. We work to create collaborative environments that move your organization into the digital future and secure long term success. 

"Every time we talk, I feel more confident in our approach" 

- Director, Community Engagement; B2B SaaS Organization



We think social business should be human-centric and people-first. We practice what we preach in the way that we work. Our goal is to be your true partner - we deep dive into your unique goals and vision to make that a reality.


Working with communities across industries, use cases and contexts offers us a privileged vantage point. We look at leading industry trends and practices as a whole to bring the best of what's working, straight to you. 


Just because we are keeping our eye on the big picture, doesn't mean we are afraid to get our hands dirty. Whatever project your are launching or maintaining, we will be right there with you to offer the tactical support you need.

Meet the Team

Georgina Donahue is a network-loving Community Strategist and Manager with an knack for engagement system design and a passion for the intricacies of human relationships. 

She has spent years building community programs and strategies for associations, Fortune-500's and non-profit organizations alike. 

A self-professed community nerd, you can find her chatting with other industry leaders, sharing ideas at community events or teaching Online Community Strategy course at the Manning School of Business at the University of Massachusetts. 


She is a gradate of the Community Roundtable's Fellowship program, has consulted for organizations both big and small, and is ecstatic to share her methodologies with anyone who is willing to listen. 

You can find her rolling a D20 with some friends, winning Community Awards, and making friends with Product Professionals at Pragmatic. 

Rachael Silvano loves Community work so much, she made up her own job title (Online Community Tactician). She isn't afraid to jump into the deep end of technical spaghetti and relishes in connecting data and stories together.