Resources: Community Engagement

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Engagement is a hot topic in the community space - and for good reason. No matter the lengths you go to design a winning UX/UI, stand up a state of the art platform, or install a gamification tool, lack of member engagement will stall your community efforts every time. Member participation is the steam that keeps the engine moving and delivers value.

Check out this collection of resources to boost your work:

First let's touch on some of the theories around engagement - What is it, why does it matter and wait ... there are different kinds?

  • In this article, The Holy Grail of Engagement and Why Communities Matter, Rachel Happe discusses the different levels of engagement and how communities fit into the mix.

  • This book, Working Out Loud by John Stepper, is a classic for anyone exploring engagement from the ground up and focuses on triggering interactions by first building relationships that matter.

For the folks who are looking for more tactical resources, the following are hands-on ideas you can implement in your community today

It is also worth noting that building community connections and engagement is not new work - it has simply been adopted by enterprise organizations in an online context. Venture to the source of community wisdom with Community Planning Toolkit, which explores principles and tactics for building traditional, geographically contained communities.