Resources: Community Strategy

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

If you hop in your car and hit the highway, you could call it a road trip. But without planning your journey ahead of time, you would miss out on key highlights and risk running out of gas before you reached a destination.

The same is true for a community strategy - You want to know exactly where you are going, what it takes to get there, and which mile markers indicate you are on the right track.

This collection of resources will help you get your journey off to the right start:

  • This resource is an excellent starting point and walks through everything from why one might start a Community, how to plan for growth, and how to measure your success along the way.

  • This is the "Ultimate Community Checklist" for getting a community spun up - You can use this as a guiding worksheet, or as a measure to validate work you have already done in this area.

  • This Community template is a wonderful resource to leverage as you are building out an initial or a future roadmap.

  • This strategy canvas will help you define the most important and foundational part of your strategy - The Shared Purpose and Value

  • Here is a Community playbook crafted by a Community Pro - This is a great example of an existing strategy that will help guide your work and inspire new ideas.