Resources: Community ROI

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

If one had to pick a single hot topic on every community professionals mind right now, it would be ROI. Requests from leadership teams - often an analytical and data driven bunch - push community practitioners to nail down hard numbers for work that is notoriously holistic and qualitative. This makes Community ROI seem daunting and unattainable to many in this space - but fear not. There are many brilliant minds hard at work to solve this challenge, and even more resources available to represent their efforts.

  • ...While this eBook from the minds at The Community Roundtable details the step-by-step process for calculating ROI. Need a calculator to jump start your math? They have you covered here.

  • If you a looking for a gut check on your calculations, or perhaps hoping for a jumping off point, this ROI Calculator from Vanilla Forums can help you get a pulse on the value of your customer community.