Why I Don't Want To Join Your Community

You can find an online community for everything these days. Last week I was invited to join a community focused on dog treats. Yes, an entire community for dog treats.

With so many options, I can afford to be picky. …And there are a handful reasons why I will delete your invitation to join.

  • Bad Tech I will be the first to argue that tech does not equal community… but it does make a difference. Bad tech will hurt your network every time, because if your community platform isn’t intuitive to use, it probably won't be. Same goes for unattractive or outdated platforms. I guarantee your potential members are judging your community by it’s cover, so tip your graphic designer.

  • You’re Using Me Did you lure me here just to push your product? Are you teasing out my consumer information? I doesn’t take long to see the true colors of a community. If your aren’t offering me a shared value, you haven’t given me much reason to join you.

  • It’s A Cool Kid’s Club A lively community is key to attracting new members, but cliques of super users are intimidating. Folks who know their way around the network so well they become intolerant of newbies make me want to steer clear. We all hated high school for a reason – I don’t want to fight my way into an inner-circle.